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★webstar provides professional design and production services for agencies, private projects, and individuals. We also work with small businesses and corporate clients to create and maintain an active and effective online presence.

★webstar specializes in the following fields:

  • Website development for music, arts, and fashion genres
  • Website development and support for SMEs
  • Freelance copywriting and design for larger commercial projects

★webstar offers professional design and support services that can be incorporated into your existing business or project periodically, project-by-project, or on a continuous long-term basis.

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Contact us about the ★webstar sponsorship program - professional online representation to support new or independent people and projects within entertainment, music, art, or fashion.

Template sites or custom code from the ground up

★webstar can create or replicate just about any idea or format and provide initial visuals and proposals based on your specific requirements.

Working for you...

Provision of professional services for a complete web presence and business branding.

  • Site design and development (html and CSS)
  • Artwork for print and promotion
  • Setting content management systems
  • Setting social media accounts
  • Ongoing content management and marketing
  • Traffic analysis and development

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Working with you...

We can work under contract or under direction as part of an in-house department or project team.

  • Creative and production services
  • Site design and development
  • Website management
  • Website marketing


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